Revised Anti Distracted Driving Act to be implemented this July


Source: Top Gear Philippines

After the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (RA 10913) was suspended due to the confusion that it has instead caused among commuters and motorists,  the Act will be re implemented July of this year but with revisions.

In a press release from Department of Transportation (DOTr), they have cleared some confusing points of the law.

What is prohibited:

  1. Making or receiving calls
  2. Composing, sending, reading text messages
  3. performing calculations
  4. playing games
  5. watching videos
  6. browsing the internet

DOTr cleared that Dash-cams are allowed while driving. However, it must be placed behind the rear view mirror.

Motorists can make or receive calls but they must use the hands-free function of their mobile devices.

With regards to questions of motorists using navigation apps, the destination must be set on the device before departing and should be mounted to dash boards not higher than 4 inches.

RA 10913 also discourages the use of mobile devices and other electronic gadgets while vehicles are in motion or are in temporary stops at traffic light posts or at intersections. However, DOTr clarified that accessories found on the dashboard is not covered in the implementing act. Thus, putting rosaries, tachometers, figurines, dashboard toys, crucifix, stickers, among others, above the dashboard are allowed. Likewise, activities such as putting make-up, drinking coffee, and other similar and related activities while aboard the vehicle are not covered by RA 10913.

A Memorandum Circular which sets specifications on the regulation of tints shall also be released by LTO soon primarily directed to heavily tinted vehicles.


1st offense: fine of P5, 000

2nd offense: fine of P10, 000

3rd offense: fine of P15,000 w/ three-month suspension of driver’s license

Beyond 3rd offense: P20,000 and revocation of driver’s license

Drivers of public utility vehicle, school bus,  school service vehicle, common carrier hauling volatile, flammable or toxic material who commits distracted driving within a fifty (50)-meter radius from the school premises:  fine of P30,000.00 and suspension of  driver’s license for three (3) months.


Vehicles covered by RA 10913:

public and private vehicles

wheeled agricultural machineries

construction equipment








carts (human-powered or pulled by an animal in public thoroughfares, highways or streets)

Vehicles that are exempted by RA 10913 includes emergency calls to authorities. Drivers can make emergency calls to authorities in cases of crimes, accidents, bomb/terror attacks, fire/explosions and cases requiring immediate medical attention.

Anti-Distracted Driving Act is an effort to prevent accidents and loss of lives.


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