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Seven Seas New Photos is Like a Tour in Wet n’ Wild Australia and Sea World in One, and here’s Why!

Probably one of the most much awaited events of not only Kagay-anon locals but the neighboring cities is the grand opening of Seven Seas Waterpark in Barra Opol, Misamis Oriental. You already may have heard that they’ve targeted to open the park to public on the 3rd quarter of this year.

While most of us can’t wait to take a plunge of their pools, or enjoy their slides, we took the liberty to assess the newly released photos of Seven Seas. One of Acadeo’s correspondents have recently gone to Australia and have visited their famous waterparks like Wet ‘n Wild and Sea World. By the initial looks of Seven Seas, we can’t help but compare this to the Australian Parks we’ve visited. If we put their photos side by side, you will see that there are quite a number of similarities, and that Seven Seas can compete globally as a great destination site in Mindanao.

Now let our compiled pictures do the explanation, you be the judge:


seven seas waterpark

There are 4 slots of slides with playful colors both on Seven Seas and Wet n Wild. Image Source | Facebook: Seven Seas Waterpark (left)

seven seas waterpark

Image Source | Facebook: Seven Seas Waterpark video screenshot (left)

Both Waterparks have spacious wave pool Image Source | Facebook: Seven Seas Waterpark video screenshot (left)

Image Source | Facebook: Seven Seas Waterpark video screenshot (left)

Thanks to the brilliant minds behind Seven Seas, Kagay-anons will have a taste of a real theme park! Seven Seas is offering us World-class rides and great adventures that we can already enjoy in our very own soil–that means we won’t have to travel far to experience the fun of being in the most extreme waterslides in the Philippine History!

We will post more comparison once Seven Seas releases another batch of photos! Stay tuned!


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