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Smart Announces New Data Rate

As the year ends, SMART Communications announced a bold move that would either increase their customers or drastically decrease their reputation; a change of charge rate from Php5 per 15 minutes to Php2 for every 1 megabyte of data. This is effective on November 28, 2017.

This will be implemented for both prepaid and postpaid users, and as we all know, all Smart postpaid accounts come with Add-on Data Plans. So, when subscribers consume their allocated data plan they have to either register on another promo or enroll to the new rate by texting DATA ON to 9999.

Subscribers will also get various notifications when they reach specific amounts, but additional charges will stop when they consume data at the 2500 peso bracket. Basically, this means you paid a “cheap” amount of Php2500 to get unlimited data, and to make it even better: your speed will be limited to 128 kilobytes per second until the end of the billing period.



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