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Special Investigation Task Group Pleads for Help of Witness in Dr. Rotoras’ Murder

Photos- left: USTP, LEADS; right: Sunstar CDO

According to a report from Bombo Radyo, the SITG believes that the witness of late USTP President Ricardo Rotoras’ assassination is currently hiding due to possible threats.

This may be the reason why they haven’t found her yet, even after risking to show her sketch to the public.

Cagayan de Oro Police Office spokesperson C/Inps. Mardi Hortillosa said that they understand the witness’ situation. And acknowledges how dangerous it is to help with this case.

Moreover, in an interview with TV Patrol Northern Mindanao, Hortillosa assured that if the witness will assist them, he will personally guarantee her safety as an important asset. He even said that if the witness helps, she may be able to receive the P2.5 million reward.

As of now, the COCPO admitted that they still don’t have suspects for the murder of Rotoras.

However, Hortillosa added that they already have a list of persons who may be related to the crime. But, they still need additional evidence to further pursue the investigation 🙁



Bombo Radyo

TV Patrol Northern Mindanao

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