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Would you swallow a Star? The unusual drug created to prolong the effects of medicine


Medical Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Brigham Women’s Hospital are developing star-shaped innovative drugs that would eliminate taking drugs on a daily dosage.

According to MIT, some people do not like taking medications especially when they are scheduled and should be taken on repeated dosage. They want to eradicate the short effects of drugs that we normally take and increase its effects in our body. This would surely help in treating malaria,  Alzheimer’s disease and many other complicated diseases that needed a daily dosage of medications.

Some people just forget to take their medication on time, that’s why, a team led by Dr. Giovanni Traverso and Dr. Robert Langer, developed a drug that the patients could just take and forget. The star-shaped drugs can be transformed into a capsule. Once swallowed and enters the stomach the capsule will unfold into its star shape. This helps in preventing the drug to exit the stomach and slowly releasing medication for up to two weeks.

Each of the star limbs contains medications that would last longer than a normal capsule.

For more info watch the video below:

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