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Staycation Feature: Limketkai Luxe Hotel – A Luxurious, Sweet Escape in the Heart of the City

Staycation ( / stā kāshn / noun) – a vacation spent in one’s home country, home state, province, home town, or city rather than going abroad. It may also involve spending a vacation at home or involving a day trip to local tourist spots or attractions. In my case, instead of spending it at home (since the house tends to be a bit crowded) or going to some of Cagayan de Oro’s or the province’s really bountiful attractions or resorts, I decided to spend a weekend staycation in the city’s very own Limketkai Luxe Hotel.

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Everyone from CDO knows by now that Limketkai Luxe Hotel is the city’s first and only 5-star hotel, as accredited by an hotel star rating audit team from the Department of Tourism. The hotel now easily stands as one of the city’s tallest structures and located in the middle of the city’s premier mall and shopping center, the Limketkai Center.

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

During the Marcos era, Department of Tourism officials had to stay at hotels in secret as part of the auditing process for a hotel to earn its star ratings and accreditation. The hotel star rating is supposed to help foreign and local tourists identify hotels that are suited to their affordability or in terms of facilities.

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

Today, however, hotel star ratings audit teams simply visit a new hotel with a checklist and checks out the facilities and other physical aspects of the hotel. So, the more checks on the checklist, the more stars a hotel earns. This is what piqued my interest with the Limketkai Luxe Hotel, being a 5-star hotel, and the only one in the city, and this curiosity is what drove me to my staycation there.

Being a weekend, I took advantage of the hotel’s promos. They have various discounts and other promos for staying on weekends, some set up for bank card holders or credit card holders. You need to check out the promos online or inquire from the front desk personally to see what promos or discounts you can avail of.

Hotel Staff and Personal Service

And speaking of Front Desk, the front desk / entrance personnel and staff were good, and some were approachable and respectful. However, some needed improvement and need to work on their customer service.

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

At the hotel’s Kave Restaurant and Lounge Bar Area, the staff and waiters were very accommodating, approachable, and had good initiative.

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

They really tended to the customers (I don’t just observe how they serve me but also the others in the hotel and restaurant) and always greeted everyone coming in with a smile.

Hotel Facilities and General Condition

Talking of the Kave Restaurant again, the general design and interior decorating is actually very impressive. The place is also spacious and very notably clean.


Even the glassware and silverware is squeaky clean, spotless, and in good condition. Overall, the food was good and delicious, especially from their buffets.




Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

At the Lounge Bar Area, the chairs are very comfortable and the overall place is clean. For the Infinity Pool and Pool Bar, all I can say is that finally, the city has true infinity pool, and a large one at that.


I definitely loved the infinity pool and spend much of the day in that pool. When I tried the pool at night it had a really great view and the lights heightened the beauty of the pool. The pool bar offers a good selection of drinks and delicious food at (surprisingly) affordable prices.


They have a Workout Gym that is large and spacious and with really modern workout equipment. It’s also clean and the all the equipment are working well.


I took a walk around their Function Rooms and they were really clean and huge, with this somewhat fancy interior décor and design.

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

Image Source | Facebook: Limketkai Luxe Hotel

Incidentally, one function room was being decorated for a big event and I noticed some models pacing to and fro the stage (I would learn later that this was one of the Miss Cagayan events).

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Image Source |

When I took a walk outside to observe the hotel exterior, it was only then that I appreciated the exterior gold plated glass windows that added to the hotel’s classy and elegant appearance. If you look out towards the east from another tall building in the city it’s the only shiny building you’ll see for miles.

I took a stroll at the 3rd floor and noticed the paintings on the wall, they are actually masterpieces from Sidlak exhibit.




Artworks by artists of the Arts Guild of Cagayan de Oro are supported by Limketkai Luxe Hotel by showcasing them to their guests and the public.

The Hotel Room

Of course, I need to assess the room since this is the center of any staycation, even mine for that matter. Overall, the luxury and comfort of the room is just superb.

The room is quite large for an affordable and discounted rate and well laid out; the bed and pillows are soft and comfortable and the furniture is both classy and modernistic, including the wall paintings and chairs.


The bathroom is impressively spotless and clean, including its bathtub, and complete even with toiletries. The room is equipped with cable TV, a small refrigerator, and very cozy and not so glaring lights. I also got an amazing view from my hotel room especially at night. If I had to think of an architectural design for my master bedroom, I would be thinking of my room at the Luxe.

Overall satisfaction rating

Overall, I enjoyed my two days staycation at the hotel. Altogether, the ambiance is actually great to near excellent. Customer service was good except for a few points about the entrance and front desk personnel. I would definitely recommend the Luxe to other family members and friends if they’re looking for a staycation place. Overall, I give the Limketkai Luxe Hotel 4 stars out of 5.

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