202 terrorist, 58 soldiers and 26 civilians killed on Marawi Siege

06142017 - MARAWI SIEGE

Source: Sunstar

In an article from, The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) disclosed that they have accounted 202 terrorists and 58 soldiers and policemen were killed after three weeks of armed combat between the  Maute Group and government troops in Marawi City.

However, the AFP said that there are still 150 to 200 Maute members who are currently resisting the forces of the military.

The aerial assaults have made it easy for the military troops to drive out some of the Maute members from areas that they have initially occupied and had retrieved 172 firearms from the terrorists. It also resulted in the rescue of thousands of civilians who were trapped in the conflict-stricken zone.

Meanwhile, the number of civilians rescued ever since the violence in the city erupted now reached to 1, 628. It was also reported that 26 civilians were killed by the Maute Group.


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