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Viral: Peanut Vendor in Iligan City Hits Social Media with His Unique Way of Doing Business

Peanut vendor in Iligan City

Source: ABS-CBN News

A  peanut vendor in Iligan City is now hitting social media with his unique dress-up-to-impress way of selling.

In an article from ABS-CBN News Online, peanut vendor Bernie Mirafuentes dresses up like he is going to office work with his complete get up; sleeves, slacks, leather shoes, and adorable gold plated necklace.

To top it all, he carries with him an attache case which, upon first look, seems to be a holder of some important documents, when opened, it is actually where he puts the fried peanuts he is selling.

What makes him different among other vendors is that he has a heart for students who simply do not have the budget to buy his peanuts and gives it to them for free which earned him the title, “Maninoy” among his customers.

With the small business he has, he was able to send his children to school wherein two of them finished college.

According to Bernie, he is not just dressing up as a unique innovation to the business of the same nature, but more importantly, he also wants to encourage fellow vendors like him to dress up nicely no matter how small their businesses might be.

Video: ABS-CBN Youtube Channel

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