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XU Announces Sale of Access Cards For Xavier Ateneo Sports Centre

Photos: (Left) Project Lupad, (Right) Jaysan Ray Ngujo Chee

Good News Kagay-anons! According to a source, Xavier University has announced the availability of Access Cards for the Xavier Ateneo Sports Centre Track Oval & Soccer Field.

The said cards can now be purchased for P 300 and are good for 10 uses. Meaning, those who have acquired the access cards can now use the facilities of the Xavier Ateneo Sports Center during any 10 days of the month for each card purchase.

As of now, these are still exclusive for University ID Holders (XU Employment, Student, Alumni IDs). But they are currently conducting efforts to make this available for non-XU individuals.

Check out the pictures below for a preview and more details:

Xavier Ateneo Sports Centre Access Card.

Steps to access XU facilities.

Policies and Guidelines.



Jaysan Ray Ngujo Chee

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