10 Indonesian Sailors Released! – $1 Million Ransom Paid to the Abu Sayyaf

10 Indonesian Sailors Released! – $1 Million Ransom Paid to the Abu Sayyaf

Image Source | www.wsj.com

Image Source | www.wsj.com

On Sunday, May 1, 12:00 PM, the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) released the 10 Indonesian hostages who have been held captive since March 29.

The Indonesians are found in front of Governor Abdusakur Mahail “Toto” Tan’s house on Sunday. Governor Tan fed the Indonesian sailors and informed the military about the news. They were then sent back to Indonesia where they arrived at midnight on the next day.

Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo is thankful about the successful return of their fellow countrymen, he said, “I thank all those who helped in the process of liberation both formally and informally,” He also added, “there is a need to pay attention to border security and water areas.”

A meeting between foreign ministers and military commanders between Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines will be held in Indonesia to address the recent security issues between country borders.

The agreement of the $1 Million payment for the sailors is made on April 20 that has been assured to be paid by Patria Maritime Lines, the corporation that the sailors are working for. It was then paid on Friday, April 29, a month after the abduction.

The sailors are sailing on March 29 in a tugboat pulling a Barge near Borneo Island going to the Philippines when a wooden boat manned by the kidnappers hijacked the Indonesian vessel and held the Indonesians captive. On the same day, the boat owner received a call from the ASG demanding a ransom for the sailors’ release.

It was a week ago when the Canadian citizen John Ridsdel has been killed by the ASG, after Canada failed to pay the requested ransom for the hostage.

Despite the success on the recent release of the 10 Indonesian sailors, there are still 4 Indonesians under the ASG’s possession that has been kidnapped in a separate occasion on April 16.

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