10 Qualities of a Good Leader – Every Filipino Should Know

10 Qualities of a Good Leader – Every Filipino Should Know

Now that election season is felt in every corner of the city, voters are faced again to a most difficult task of selecting a candidate who will lead us to a peaceful and progressive community. Well for some, it is just a piece of cake to choose who they want to sit in the position, but for some responsible voters who clamor for change, they review intently the background, personality, experience of a politician before they elect one. It is crucial that we Filipinos can justify the factors that we consider in a leader, remember as a democratic country, the future lies on the names we write on the ballots. So choose wisely, vote for the right candidate. Truth be told, choosing the right one is no easy, we hear a lot of promises during election periods. We see a lot of tarpaulins on billboards, we see a lot of aspiring politicians proving themselves during campaigns and rallies. But are all Filipinos have the capability to vote? What are their basis? Are we all educated how our government system works? How educated are we in voting? Sure there are lots of questions.


Did you know that every Filipino is qualified to run for presidency? It is stated under Article 7, Section 2 of the Philippine Constitution that, in order to serve as President and lead the country, one must be at least 40 years old, a registered voter of the Philippines, able to read and write, a natural-born citizen, and a resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately prior to election. As easy as that. But those are just primary qualifications. We, the Filipino people must also set our own qualifications in choosing the right President that will lead our country for another 6 years. This is to make sure that our country will be run by the rightful leaders who will bring us a progressive nation.

The Philippines demands a great leader right now. There’s no denying that our country is dying for a leader that will go all the way to end poverty or whatever misfortunes we Filipinos are dealing with right now. So, we at ACadeO are calling the attention of our fellowmen to open up your consciousness, be vigilant and vote for the best. We cannot be there to help you choose but at least take some time to review the candidates well. Read the Qualities of a Good Leader below:leader

The following qualities of a good leader may be too idealistic, but we can still find most of these traits in a certain person who is running in the government position. Here are 10 qualities that every good leader should possess as the next Philippine President.

  1. HONESTY – A good president advocates truth and integrity. He conserves the trust and confidence given to him by the people. And of course, he doesn’t steal the funds of the nation. If you know someone who has a record of corruption, if proven guilty then cross him out immediately. Remember honesty is still the best policy.
  2. ACTION – A good leader is a role model of hard work. He walks his talk and inspires his people through his actions. He is not purely talk, he makes sure that his promises are done and won’t be broken. Well, do you know someone who just take actions? Action still speaks louder than words. Just because he/she can talk well on stage doesn’t mean he/she can perform things in order. Look what he/she’s done while seated in the government.
  3. PASSION – An effective head do their job with enthusiasm. They serve the public, not because of the money and fame they’ll receive, but because that is their mission in life. They’re born to be a leader. Vote for a leader who loves the country, not the money.
  4. RESPECT – An effective president of a country respects the constitution, abides the laws, and honors the decision of the Supreme Court. He also listen and respect the opinions of the common people. Because this is a democratic country, it will count if he/she welcomes ideas from others.
  5. CONFIDENCE – A great leader of a nation possesses self-confidence. If leaders won’t believe in themselves, no one else will. A true leader has the confidence to stand alone and the strength to make tough decisions.
  6. INDEPENDENCE – A tough president is not a puppet. His actions are not a product of incomplete decisions. He is not manipulated by corrupt people who are thirsty of power and wealth of the nation. Usually he/she hates the corrupts.
  7. COMMITMENT – An effective leader of the government is resolute in realizing his great visions and dreams for the country. Is he clear with his/her visions and plans for the country? Patience and persistence is visible in him.
  8. ACCOUNTABILITY – An effective leader understands that he is the head of the state. He won’t blame his subordinates, instead, acknowledges his responsibility during hard times. He recognizes himself as the father of the entire nation and take responsibility in helping every Filipinos whenever they face problems. Do you know someone who play the blame-game? Cross him out! 
  9. HUMILITY – A great leader acknowledges his mistakes and weaknesses. He also admits that he’s not good at everything and that he needs everyone’s help. That is why he disseminates other crucial tasks to the other branches of the government, such as legislative and judiciary bodies. Can you pinpoint who commends himself all the time and says how good he/she is in everything? Run away! that’s not what we are looking for!
  10. LOVE – Lastly, an effective president of the Philippines has a selfless love for his people and country. All of these qualities are difficult to practice, but because of his love, he’ll do his best to practice them all. I remember all Filipino heroes in the past are very expressive for their of the country. Take Jose Rizal’s writing where his love for the country is expressed immensely, he put his life to serve the country:“One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again.”

Great leaders do exist. They are the main reason why other countries accomplish economic, social and human development. There are certain countries that are known to have few corrupt politicians and Philippines can have a chance to be included in the list provided that we, Filipinos, choose the right leader.

I hope everyone will choose the right candidate for the coming 2016 Election. If you’re having a hard time to weigh each candidate, try to create a table with their characteristics and abilities. The candidate having the most number of qualities indicated above is the most suited leader. Most important thing is to balance each presidential candidate’s traits and choose wisely.

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