10 Things That The 90s Kids Outgrew As Time Flies

10 Things That The 90s Kids Outgrew As Time Flies

It’s fascinating how time flies so fast. As each of us grew, we see things passing in and out of our lives. For kids who were born in the 90’s, below is a list of things that we thought we could never have lived without before.

  1. Music

Then: Compacting your kind of music in one disc.

Now: Feeding your ears the right kind of music in just a click


  1. Speakers

Then: That moment when all of your teachers own a CD Player like this.

Now: Music is life, so is Jamming.


  1. Projectors

Then: You always see one, especially in churches.

Now: Movie date anyone?

  1. Social Media

Then: “oi, testimonial ha!”

Now: “Tag mo si M at ililibre ka niya ng…”

  1. Photos

Then: Making sure the tropa is complete for a studio photoshoot

Now: Selfie/Groufie

  1. Chat Room

Then: Yahoo! Messenger

Now: FB Messenger

  1. Phones

Then: Your fab when you got one

Now: Everyone has one

  1. Games

Then: Super Mario, Load Runner, Circus, Pooyan

Now: NBA2k, God of War, Just Dance

  1. Idol

Then: F4

Now: Flower Men of KPOP

  1. Merienda

Then: Tastes like pizza

Now: Finally a 20-inch new york style pizza around the corner. Big Apple Pizza Co, located at the 4th floor Food Hall of SM CDO Downtown Premier. Offering us various dishes that would bring us New York butterflies at a very affordable price. 

We may have been living comfortably today but we could not deny the fact that life before was pretty simple and we cannot help but wish we could still relive them today.

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