12 More Red Ribbon Bakeshops To Be Built Next Year in Mindanao

12 More Red Ribbon Bakeshops To Be Built Next Year in Mindanao



The bakeshop brand under food service giant Jollibee Foods Corp., Red Ribbon will establish 12 more bakeshops next year in major cities in Mindanao covering Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Zamboanga.

Red Ribbon area manager, Gina Mella Alcantara stated, “Twelve stores are in the pipeline for Mindanao,” during an interview after the launching of their first renovated branch using the “dynasty” store concept.

Within the first quarter of 2017, two branches in shopping malls in Davao City will be launched. Red Ribbon already holds 14 branches in the city.

Alcantara stated, “In Davao, we are all mall-based because consumers are already inside the mall, and in terms of mobilization, it’s very fast, and malls have an established market already rather than you will still have to invest on free standing (stores) wherein you will create awareness.”

All new branches will be constructed with the “dynasty” concept which is cozy as it uses wood elements and Filipino family portraits.

Red Ribbon operates 378 branches nationwide and 33 overseas as of June 2016.

News Source: Business World Online

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