3 Things to Keep In Mind Before You Settle Down

3 Things to Keep In Mind Before You Settle Down

3 Things to Keep In Mind Before You Settle Down - Real Estate

It’s the dream of every young professional to settle down with their own home and build a family in a safe environment. Many of our Acadeo higalas also think like this, and work diligently towards this goal everyday.

However, there are some things that we must learn first before we should take the jump towards building a home for ourselves. Whether it’s investing in real estate or looking into home rentals, be sure to check these adulting To-Dos off your list first.


The boring house chores we used to hate as children are invaluable skills for us as adults. There’s a unique freedom in being able to wash your own clothes and cook your own food without any help – and it saves you time and money as well!

For those who want to live independently, knowing how to do basic chores properly is important. Not only do they help us save money and time, they also teach us discipline, which is a critical part of adult life. If you can’t manage to wash the dishes when you need to, how can you rely on yourself to be responsible with bigger goals, like buying a house or working abroad?


Financial planning is a skill that all adults absolutely must have.

Whether we like it or not, a good portion of our adult life will revolve around making a living and balancing our earnings to keep our lifestyles comfortable. The truth is, with enough diligence, hard work, and mindful spending, we don’t need very high salaries to live well.

The important thing is to understand the difference between wants and needs. Bills and obligations like rent, savings, and groceries are important, and you should always put money aside to pay for these things on time.

Meanwhile, a new pair of shoes (when your current ones are still good to wear) or a new bag (when you already have a collection you rarely use) are wants, and you should ask yourself if you can really afford a new luxury purchase when you have outstanding loan payments.


Before you settle down, check off two or three things off your “bucket list”.

This is because as you get older, your responsibilities become more serious. Traveling around the country may seem like a waste of time for you right now, but when you’re raising your children and working full time to provide for your family, you’ll regret skipping that big week-long trip to the beach with your close friends, not attending the family reunion, or delaying your college degree before settling down.

That’s not to say these things can’t still be done while raising a family, but it will be much harder to balance your time when you’re responsible for more than just yourself. Travel while you’re young, enjoy the company of your family while they’re still around, and reach for personal goals while you can.

This is the best time to focus on and discover yourself, and as long as you don’t harm anyone or take unnecessary risks, you’ll be much happier in the long run.

These 3 goals are by no means the ultimate list, but they are nonetheless critical to becoming a successful adult. Have you met these goals yet? Let us know about your story in the comments!

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