30% Drop in Poverty – Duterte’s Economic Group Aims

30% Drop in Poverty – Duterte’s Economic Group Aims

Image Source | www.sunstar.com.ph

Image Source | www.sunstar.com.ph

On Monday, June 21, president-elect Rodrigo duterte’s economic group aims to have a decreased 30 to 35 percent of poverty rate within Duterte’s 6-year term.

Incoming Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez said that they will be focusing on the urban poor, gauging that the 30% marker is comprised of almost 30 million Filipinos in the country.

He said, “We are going to prioritize projects outside Metro Manila, we are going to execute projects in the countryside and thereby create jobs there.

Dominguez emphasized this concern having known that majority of the underemployed Filipinos are located in the rural areas.

Also, he said that about 80 percent of the projects by the Aquino administration to act upon poverty are centered in metropolitan Manila or nearby provinces, which will continue to congest the already highly populated area and will not solve the problem of unemployment and underemployment in the countryside.

For a change, according to the incoming Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno, 1/3 of the annual government budget that will amount up to 1 trillion pesos will be allocated on small- and medium-scale infrastructure projects such as farm-to-market roads and schools that are easier to complete quickly.

Peace and order are also ensured in the new business environment that will be created in the rural areas, leading to more jobs for the unemployed Filipinos. The Duterte administration will also will implement an already-passed reproductive health law to reduce the birth rate, Dominguez said.

While the Philippine economy grows for about 6.2 percent annually, Filipinos are irked to see economic growth transform into a better life.

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