4 Ways to Enjoy and Have fun in MisOr During Rainy Season

4 Ways to Enjoy and Have fun in MisOr During Rainy Season

A lot of people would sometimes see rain as a hurdle to enjoy any activities, since it would ruin their fun, getting their outfits wet, and probably get all muddy and dirty. However, some people actually see rain as a means to do some fun and crazy outdoor activities. Some would even schedule their trips on a rainy season than a hot and humid summer months. Here’s our list of ways or activities to do during these wet and cold season.

Hot Spring Dip

First on our list is dipping yourselves into a warm, steamy, and relaxing spring located just near Cagayan de Oro City. What better way to ease off the cold weather than to counter it with some fun in a steamy yet unwinding natural hot spring. There are several places in Misamis Oriental that have hot springs. There is Tugasnon or Mainit Hot Spring in the town of Alubijid; another one in Barangay Calongan in the town of El Salvador; Hot Springs in Balingasag, and the famous hot springs in Camiguin.



Take a Hike

Well, if you like getting muddy, sweaty and wet the same time, probably you would enjoy this. Trekking has been one of the major outdoor activities in the Philippines. A lot of tourists are now taking trekking adventure in some of the most exotic and breathtaking sceneries in our country. One of the major attractions in the Province of Bukidnon is actually trekking. Climbing hills or traversing complicated crevices have been much of the tourist attraction in the province.  However, make sure you get all the right gears and have the finest guide. You can also check the weather forecast for any warnings of a typhoon or low depression area, you might get stuck up in a lot of rain and get trapped in the wilderness.

Try to traverse the ridges of Mount Palaopao in Sumilao; Mount Capistrano in Malaybalay City; or Musuan Peak in Maramag, Bukidnon.



Ride the Waves

You probably didn’t know but the rainy season or habagat season is an ideal time to enjoy some skimboarding and surfing activities. The waves during these months are the most sought-after waves for skim boarding or surfing lovers. Skimboarding (or skimming) is a boardsport in which a skimboard (much like a surfboard but smaller and without fins) is used to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming breaking wave and ride it back to shore. One location in Misamis Oriental that has these kinds of waves is in Opol. A well-known resort holds an annual skimboarding competition during the summer months however this activity is also ideal for rainy seasons.


Brace the White River

Rain contributes to the dramatic outflow of river currents and probably the best time to enjoy some white river water rafting adventure. During the rainy season, water level becomes higher and water rapids become stronger which would not only jolt you out on your inflatable river boats but also would jolt you for some fun screaming.

What better way to enjoy a river rafting than here in our local white water rafting adventure. Again, make sure to checkout local weather forecasts to avoid an unnecessary accident. For a professional guide, you may contact Kagay White Water Rafting at 0917-712-2442.



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