5 Ateneo schools support President Duterte’s Martial Law

5 Ateneo schools support President Duterte’s Martial Law

ateneo schools supports martial law

Source: ateneo.edu

In an article from Bomboradyo.com, the presidents of five Ateneo schools expressed their support to the declaration of Martial Law by the Duterte Administration to pacify the recent attacks to and ongoing violence in Marawi City.

In a joint statement, the five presidents of Ateneo schools at Davao, Zamboanga, Manila, Naga, and Cagayan de Oro City campuses formalized their full cooperation to the Martial Law believing that the president will leave up to his promises that his declaration of Martial Law will only be temporary.

This also follows that the Administration will be expected not to abuse its powers and will be keen in implementing a fair and just military rule.

The Ateneo community believes that social injustice is the reason why Mindanao has been stricken by different kinds of conflict, especially in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) where poverty is apparent in the community.

The school community also said that thwarted understanding of ideologies in religion heightens the conflict even more.

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