58-year old Freshman Defies The Odds For Academic Degree

58-year old Freshman Defies The Odds For Academic Degree

“Culture and education have no bounds or limits; now man is in a phase in which he must decide for himself how far he can proceed in the culture that belongs to the whole humanity.”

If there’s one thing every human needs, that is to be educated. Education is one of the basic requirement in order for us to develop our values and skills to survive amidst the struggles in the world’s rapid progress which we continue to face each day.

But we also can’t deny the fact that poverty has become an obstacle for everyone who wants to get a decent education. There are some who give up their own opportunities just to build a brighter tomorrow for somebody else. And that’s normal for us Filipinos. Parents sacrifice all their time, energy and career just to pay their child’ tuition; ate’s and kuya’s sacrifice their own chance at a degree just to finance their sibling’s future.

Nevertheless, we have to remember that education is not impossible for anyone to grasp. Just like the inspiring story of Cristiana Abayabay or Nanay Ana, a 58-year-old freshman student from PHINMA-Cagayan de Oro College.

Nanay Ana became viral on Facebook when a Randy Rafisura posted a photo of her taking a college examination.

According to Randy, Nanay Ana reminds him that education does not discriminate and it will never be too late to resume your studies and gain a degree.

Nanay Ana is a freshman currently taking up a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at COC.

Her story gave hope that it will never be too late to dream again and start making an effort to reach your dreams.

As per Randy, Nanay Ana is residing from Tagoloan and was supposed to enroll at COC Puerto’s Campus because it would be closer to her home. But the annex doesn’t offer any freshman program so Nanay Ana opted to travel from Tagoloan to Carmen every day just to follow her dreams of being a teacher someday.  

As of this writing, the Commision on Higher Education (CHED) has granted a P12,000 cash assistance for Nanay Ana’s tuition this year. Meanwhile, her scholarship grant is yet to be processed.


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