6 Tips To Get Back to Work After The Holiday

6 Tips To Get Back to Work After The Holiday

Coming back to work after a holiday is never fun. You have gotten used to relaxing, sleeping/waking up late and just doing the things you want all day, but now it’s over.

Don’t worry, you’ll get through this. You just have to adjust back to your “working mode” and it’ll be okay. You’ll be fine (no, not really, sort of?).

Anyway, here are tips on how to recover after days of escaping reality.

1. Get back early.

Return to your boarding house or apartment ahead of time. This will give you enough time to unpack early, do laundry, or catch up on sleep. This will also prepare your mind and body for the work week ahead.

2. Scan your calendar.

Don’t forget to scan your calendar for upcoming due dates, meetings, or any obligatory tasks that you need to do at work. With this, you won’t be surprised if any of these arise and you will be able to perform accordingly.

3. Make a prioritized to-do list.

First up, write down everything that you have to do. Then, highlight everything that needs to be done today – namely, the things that if not done, will screw up someone else’s day. Do those things first, and then trudge on to those secondary tasks. But don’t feel guilty if you want a little break in between tasks – you’re going to take a while to get back into the swing of things so allow yourself a little contingency time to act as an in-between-tasks buffer. Also, try to only do one thing at a time – multitasking isn’t so good for your brain.

4. Remove all distractions.

Log out of any social media and avoid anything about your holiday/vacation. This will only remind you of all the fun you had and will make you depressed at work.

5. Leave the office on time.

Most of us think that doing overtime will make up for the times you weren’t at the office, but it isn’t necessary. This will only stress you out. Relax with the little time you have after work, you will catch up soon enough.

6. Do something or go somewhere fun after work.

The first day of work after a holiday or a vacation is the hardest. To ease the stress (even a little), plan a dinner, watch a movie with friends or get a massage. Do anything that will satisfy your day so that you won’t fall into that awful post-holiday depression.



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