68-Year-Old Man Possessing 2.3 kilos Cocaine Seized by Airport Authorities

68-Year-Old Man Possessing 2.3 kilos Cocaine Seized by Airport Authorities

On August 28, Sunday night at the Clark International Airport (CRK), a 68-year-old Chinese-American was seized by the airport authorities as he carries a high-grade cocaine for about 2.3 kilos.
68 year old man with cocaine

He was identified as Allan Soo Hoo, who arrived at around 8 pm with the Dubai-Cebu-Clark Emirates flight 338. Alexander Cauguiran, acting Clark International Airport Corporation president said that officials arrested him at around 9 pm.

Cauguiran said, “This gentleman is using a US passport. He is an American citizen of Chinese descent. His name is Allan Soo Hoo. Members of the anti-drug inter-agency task force, particularly those from PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) saw this man who seemed restless. It turned out that there were two plastic bags of cocaine in the secret pockets of his hand-carry bag.”

The cocaine from Soo Hoo was discovered by Buddy, a 4-year-old German Malinois. Buddy sniffed the bag and sat down, indicating that illegal drugs were positive. Security personnel responded to Buddy’s signal as he carefully x-rayed the bag and found two suspicious looking objects.

The authorities opened the bag and found two plastic packages of cocaine hidden inside the secret compartment.

On August 29, Monday afternoon, Glen Guillermo, PDEA Region III information officer said that based on a laboratory test it was confirmed that the substance was a high-grade cocaine with a street value of about P16 million.

According to the records of Bureau of Immigration, it shows that it was Soo Hoo’s first travel to the Philippines as a tourist.

Intelligence reports about drug syndicates planning to use the airport as drug transshipment port urge the inter-agency anti-drug task force to be aggressive in their operations at the CRK.

The Chinese-American suspect was charged with the Violation of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

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