7 Really Cool Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

7 Really Cool Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Just like the Christmas holidays, it’s better to start early and shop for a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, or perhaps for each family member, if you’re that type of person. Now, as for your loved one, while flowers and chocolates can still be romantic, this is the now the second decade of the 21st century, so tech gifts are the running trend nowadays. Besides, let’s face it, those flowers will wilt away while the chocolates won’t last a week even when digested slowly. But imagine your loved one using your gadget for the coming years, and serving a reminder that tech gifts are the new way to say “there truly is a forever.”

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Besides, being realistic, tech gifts are now more of the “needed” kind than a decade ago when techie gifts were more of “novelties.” And you’ll be surprised that – barring buying him or her a laptop or desktop – many gadgets and tech gifts aren’t really that expensive. If you can’t find these in the city’s tech stores, you can order online.

Smartphone Endoscope Tube

This is for the loved one with a “handy man/woman” personality. This is the perfect tool for seeing inside places that are hard to access such as inside the house ceiling, down or up drain pipes, a sudden hole that has opened up in your garden or garage, or your rain gutters on the roof.

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If your smartphone or iPhone has OTG (USB-On-the-Go) or UVC (universal virtual computer) capability then it can support this endoscope tube. It’s waterproof with 7mm camera and adjustable LED light. You’ll need to download “CameraFi” app to use this with. If you love watching movies with special forces or Navy SEAL’s then you’ve seen them use this tool.

Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard

This gadget is perfect for the man or woman with a job that entails continuous travelling. This compact, foldable keyboard will help to maximize those extra moments otherwise spent idle like in hotels or restaurants.

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That can add hours of extra productivity like catching up on returning messages or writing a memo, and the keyboard feels much better than the built-in keyboards in laptops or tablets. The rechargeable keyboard is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, as well as Windows tablets and phones. Plus, Bluetooth technology means no wires cluttering small or cramped spaces.

Bose Quiet Comfort QC35 Wireless Headphones

Let’s face it, whether for man or woman, the gold standard for all headphones will always be the Bose brand, especially when it comes to noise cancelling.

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And this latest model from Bose is wireless. It features over-ear comfort, superb fit, sleek design, long battery life, the best noise canceling capability in the business, and a finely tuned sound signature that makes them suitable for any music genre or sound content. Bose will always be the best of its kind.

USB Typewriter Keyboard

If you want to bring back the look of the past but also with the technology of the present, get this typewriter console that has been greatly modified to be a docking station for your tablet and other gadgets and provides you with a soft touch keyboard.

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Remember those old office jokes of placing computer monitors beside old typewriters? Well, it’s a reality now, but in a more practical manner. Your loved one will surely enjoy using this for many years to come, and show it off to his or her friends.

Quad Lock Bike Mount

If your guy or gal is up early on the weekends and out on the open road logging miles on a bicycle, this handy gift can help them to explore new routes and get the most out of the paddling exercise. The secure mounting system attaches to a bike’s handlebar to keep the smartphone in place on the route and even on bumpy and rough roads.

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This mount will make it easier to use navigation and fitness tracking apps. The set also includes a poncho rain and weather resistant cover to protect phones, in the event of an unexpected rain fall or in wet road conditions. Available for Samsung Galaxy phones as well as a variety of iPhones.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

With all the stuff we carry around all day on a daily basis such as keys, smartphones, wallets, tablets, bags, or even laptops, it’s no wonder things tend to get lost or misplaced in the daily activities. Let this attractive wooden Bluetooth tag serve as a helpful guide for your forgetful or absent-minded loved one.

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The device can be attached to a number of items, including the obvious (keys or tablet) or the more unexpected (the TV remote at home). If the item goes missing, you can use the free companion app (available with iPhones) to play a sound and a vibration to help you find it, as long as the object is within a 160-foot range.

Cookbook or Tablet Stand

Who says technology needs to be electronic or with wires or batteries? Even the most practiced chef needs a cookbook, or a traveling businessman somewhere to dock that tablet. A tablet or cookbook stand that actually looks nice on the counter top or office table is just the right thing for a loved one or family member who loves to cook, bake, or just use the gadgets.

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And it isn’t that big an item so it won’t add to the clutter in the kitchen or on any office table. The sleek steel and ash stand disassembles into two pieces for easy storage when they’re not whipping up that fancy French stew or writing out an office memo. Though adjustable, the stand best fits tablets and cookbooks at least seven inches long.

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