700 Drug Suspects Surrendered to Police in Compostela Valley

700 Drug Suspects Surrendered to Police in Compostela Valley

On August 16, Monday, in Barangay Mt. Diwata, Monkayo, Compostela Valley there were 700 supposed drug suspects surrendered to the local government.

700 surrendered in Compostela valley

Pedro Samiliano, Barangay Chairman of Barangay Mt. Diwata confirmed that 700 residents of the barangay gave in to the authorities. He also said that there are “shabu tiangge” in about 20 puroks of the barangay.

Mostly small-scale miners buy these illegal drugs after working. Samiliano stated, “Kaya man nila paliton kay naa man silay kwarta. Sulod lang sila sa tunnel; paggawas, kwarta na. Palit og shabu, para power daw.”

Barangay Mt. Diwata is known to be rich in gold mineral. The 8,100-hectare Diwalwal Mineral Reservation Area (DMRA) has declared by the national government to be a small-scale mining area.

On August 16, Tuesday, there were more than 200 grams of shabu valued for about a million was recovered during the anti-drug operation, as Police S/Insp Gomersendo Diwatam, police supervising officer in Mt. Diwata said during the Program Monitoring and Coordination Center National Task Force Diwalwal meeting.

Diwatam said that seven individuals involved in the drug trade were arrested and one died during the operation. He added, “Shabu there, used to sell like candies.”

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