9 Barangays in CDeO drug-cleared

9 Barangays in CDeO drug-cleared

drug clearing

Source: Cagayan de Oro Snapshots

In an article from SunStar, Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (COCPO) has endorsed nine villages in the city as drug cleared to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) – Northern Mindanao.

With the coordination of the village officials, the city police have recommended the following barangays as drug-cleared areas:

Barangay 2

Barangay 3

Barangay 4

Barangay 6

Barangay 8

Barangay 37

Barangay 38

Barangay 39 and

Barangay 40

However, these Barangays are yet to comply with the additional requirements that were set by the PDEA-North Min. The requirement includes drug rehabilitation programs for example that monitors all activities of a drug personality especially to those that has surrendered to the authorities during the “Oplan Tokhang” campaign.

Before a village becomes a certified drug cleared community, it has to be certified by its village official first, endorsed to the authorities, then City Social Welfare and Development Office and Department of Heath, lastly would be the approval from PDEA.

COCPO urges Barangays to allocate funds for drug rehabilitation programs in cooperation to the drug clearing campaign of the city. However, some village official refuses to as it would be costly to operate a drug rehabilitation program. Instead, seeks help from PDEA to wipe out drug personalities from the community.

As long as they do their part in the war against drugs they don’t mind being declared by PDEA as a drug cleared barangay.

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