90% of PUJs To Be Phased Out in Cagayan de Oro

90% of PUJs To Be Phased Out in Cagayan de Oro

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Due to the implemented Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program in the country, around 90% of Public Utility Vehicles ( PUJs ) is expected to be phased out in CdeO for the coming years.

NCTU Regional Coordinator Joel Gabatan stated that the LTO’s program strictly aims to remove vehicles with the age of 15 years and above off our streets.

Drivers and operators in the city should prepare early for other ways to earn a living. It would be better to plan ahead because as of now, nothing will stop the modernization of PUJs.

However, LTFRB Regional Director Allan Guro reassures all operators and drivers that the gov’t has given a 3-year transition period for the transport sector.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) is also planning to include trucks and buses in the said modernization program.



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