About 4,000 Sendong victims have yet to get their own house

About 4,000 Sendong victims have yet to get their own house


About 4,000 family victims who have survived the devastating Tropical Storm Sendong five years ago, have yet to get their own houses and rebuild their lives.

According to the city government, those families who have been victims of the flash flood are either renting rooms or houses or living with their relatives in other parts of Northern Mindanao.

They said that only about 6,551 families have been relocated and given shelters in 23 relocations sites that have been spread out in six villages in Cagayan de Oro City and in nearby Municipalities such as Opol, Misamis Oriental.

According to a report by Inquirer, even those who have been relocated were complaining since some of the relocation have no easy access to water, electricity, schools, and health centers.

Some of the homeowners complained about not being allowed to renovate their house when needed.

Some families were also complaining about relocating them to landslide prone areas and their houses were built with substandard materials which could pose a great danger if another Sendong comes along.

According to some NGOs, the government failed to provide decent houses for at least five years for the surviving families.

Source: Inquirer

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