Abu Sayyaf Killing Canadian Hostage an Act of Betrayal to Islam According to ARMM Governor

Abu Sayyaf Killing Canadian Hostage an Act of Betrayal to Islam According to ARMM Governor

mujiv hataman

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After the execution of Canadian hostage Robert Hall was confirmed last June 13, Governor Mujiv Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) issued a statement condemning the act done by the Abu Sayyaf. According to him, it is bad that in this holy month of Ramadhan, “we set aside for prayer and reflection has already been violated by extremists here and abroad, as they wage violence in the name of our faith.”

“The refuge and shelter we share as Muslims has become strange place for others. Extremists claim to follow the faith while they go against Islam’s message of peace and humanity. Their betrayal of Islam knows no bounds that even in the most holy days of Ramadan, they turn a time meant for prayers and contemplation into days of fear and horror,” Hataman said. “This is not what Islam stands for, and we refuse to let this turn us against our fellow Filipinos – not at a time when Ramadan teaches us sympathy, compassion, and love.”

Hataman accentuated that those who follow the path of violence claiming that they do it in the name of Islam, are without a doubt m”men of sin who distort a faith that stands for peace.”

“Our response to these attacks against our faith can be found in Islam itself: as Muslims we are taught that to kill one man means to kill all of humanity, and to save one man means to save all of humanity. It is then imperative for us to work together as Muslims in making sure that the criminals behind these acts of violence are made accountable to our people in the courts of law, and to save those who might fall into the hands of these men who do nothing but evil,” Hataman said. “Let us pray for those who will forever be changed by this day, and let us stand together as we build and rebuild our faith in the midst of those who try to tear us apart.”

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