ACADEO Brings Handmade Local Products Support Up A Notch

ACADEO Brings Handmade Local Products Support Up A Notch

All throughout the Philippines, different quality and handmade local products have long been capturing the attention of both locals and foreigners alike. Now, with the emergence of social media and a lot of online avenues for exposure, more and more handmade local products have found their way towards a greater targeted market with just clicks of a button.

Local Product Samples And On Hand Items @ ACADEO HQ


WE at ACADEO – About Cagayan de Oro have recognized this potential and we believe that with our growing and actively engaging audience, we can help our local creatives and their handmade local products reach a wider scale through our mixed media resources, and receive first hand feedbacks from our followers.

Thus, we open our doors to local suppliers who are not just interested in selling, but of improvement as well.

ACADEO Supports Local Handmade Products

ACADEO Supports Local Handmade Products

As more and more handmade local products are now emerging from Cagayan de Oro City and other Neighboring towns, we are hoping that thru ACADEO, our local suppliers will find a way incorporate the reactions and feedbacks of our audience towards their products in a more positive approach, and one that leads towards a positive improvement for their products and marketing approach as well.

More Products

We are positive that there are still great handmade local products that have yet to be exposed to the growing market for many limiting reasons, but we are also hoping that thru ACADEO, we can encourage these suppliers and creatives to try and venture into a bigger market. We believe that thru this approach, they will not only lift their brands up, but that of their city or town as well.

Hands At Work - Handmade Local Product

Hands At Work

Initially we have a couple of handmade local products to feature, and sell.

Sulad Kulay - Handmade Local Product

Sulad Kulay

These are products made by our local creatives all the way from Bukidnon (Sulad Kulay)  to Gingoog (Hands at Work).

Kanvas PH - Handmade Local Prodcut

Kanvas PH – Cord Rolls

We also have some products all the way from Bulacan ( , and of course, form our beloved Cagayan de Oro City (Sáku).

Sáku - Handmade Local Product

Sáku Handmade and Upcycled


WE owe our great audience great content (and now products) to introduce, and we are now more inspired to bring feature contents for these and more upcoming handmade local products soon.

Hoping this initiative will help the people discover handmade local products they can find useful in their everyday lives, and help our local creatives have more venues to showcase their creations on a more regular basis.

Keep posted and discover more from our local creatives at ACADEO – About Cagayan de Oro.


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