Affordable Investments under 100K for Young Professionals

Affordable Investments under 100K for Young Professionals

Affordable Investments under 100K for Young Professionals

Saving up for the future is the name of the game for many of us.

These days, spending extravagantly is considered the hobby of the very rich. Many ACADEO readers prefer to save our money for emergencies, desired purchases, or for necessities that are rather expensive. The more enterprising among us invest their money to let their finances grow, and many of us also want to do the same.

However, many investment plans require great amounts of money and a lot of very specific in-depth knowledge that we may not have the time to learn.

What are some reasonable and affordable investments that young professionals and investment beginners can start with?

Here’s a list of investment plans that can be funded with PhP 100,000 or less.


Minimum Starting Investment: PhP 1,000

Many of us don’t see the value of insurance – why pay a monthly premium for a service or coverage that you may not even get to use? However, ask anyone who has made use of their car or medical insurance and they’ll tell you that the savings they gained from insurance payouts saved them a lot of money and headaches, compared to what they would have had to pay without insurance.

The idea behind insurance is that you pay now to cover any unexpected expenses you may end up having later. Now, life insurance is a type of investment that you won’t personally enjoy – it’s your beneficiaries that will get the payout.

However, if you work in a high-risk job, life insurance provides a safety net for your loved ones in the event something unfortunate befalls you. Also, many life insurance policies come with micro-investment plans or accident insurance, so you’re not coming away empty-handed.

There are many insurance companies that offer life insurance, so don’t be shy about asking around and choosing a policy that’s within your budget. Just remember to pay on time, or risk losing your investments due to defaulted payments.


Minimum Starting Investment: PhP 3,000-5,000

Becoming a business owner is the dream for many of us. Cagayan de Oro is a thriving business center in Northern Mindanao, and so small businesses have better chances of surviving – but with it comes a lot of competition also.

The key to investing in small businesses is identifying a niche market, and starting small. Does your neighborhood have a lot of students? If you have a personal computer or laptop, consider starting a paper printing sideline; not a lot of families have a personal computer or laptop, and printer. Is your neighborhood full of working professionals? A takeout food service with a changing weekly menu will save them the hassle of cooking meals for dinner.

In order for your investment to grow, you must be able to sustain your business, so manage your time and volume of orders wisely in order to get the most return of investment (ROI).


Minimum Starting Investment: PhP 10,000-15,000

Investing in real estate is the goal for many young professionals, as they want to have their own home and not have to rely on their parents or relatives for a place to live. However, many are discouraged because many properties cost upwards of a million pesos, or have monthly payments that cost at least PhP 10,000 a month. Not everyone has that kind of money lying around!

That being said, it’s still possible to invest and have your dream house and lot that’s within your budget. The key is patience and dedication. There are many foreclosed properties in Cagayan de Oro City, which can be purchased for as low as PhP 50,000 through bank or PAGIBIG auctions.

Low-cost housing is also available in select areas of the city. I would suggest, from personal experience, to save up as much as you can so you can pay the downpayment (or equity) in full and get a lower monthly premium from your financing bank or PAGIBIG. Also do you research whenever you have time! The more you know about the real estate investment process, the better prepared you’ll be to make smart choices that save you money.

These three options are just some of the most viable investments that should be considered when looking for ways to grow your savings. Investing doesn’t just involve money, but also time and attention, so be sure you can commit to your investment plans!

Prepare your mind and your savings wisely, and your finances will surely grow. Happy investing, Kagay-anons!

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