Complete Your Summer With the Stunning Beach of Jasaan’s Agutayan Island

Complete Your Summer With the Stunning Beach of Jasaan’s Agutayan Island

As we all know, Northern Mindanao doesn’t have a lot of beautiful white sand beaches unlike most parts of the country. And the sight of stunning white shores are rare, but, there is one island here that can compare with other famous destinations in the world.

The Agutayan Island of Jampason, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.

This recently went viral in an Easter post by a netizen named Rm Sobebe. According to him, calling the island beautiful is an understatement due to its unbelievable beauty and vibrant marine life. Well, judge it with your own eyes, below:

How to get there?

1. Get to Cagayan de Oro’s Agora Terminal and locate jeepneys and buses bound for Jasaan. Jeepney Fare: P30-P40, Bus Fare: P50.

2. The ride takes around 1 hour in order to reach Jampason, Jasaan. If by some chance you get off before or ahead Jampason, you can take a habalhabal‘ motorcycle (P20/head) in order to reach the barangay.

3. Upon arriving in Jampason, the local government will ask you to log your names before riding a boat going to Agutayan Island.

4. Boat Fare: P1,800, good for 6 persons. Prices will vary with the size of the boat and number of passengers.

They have clean bathrooms where you can take a shower and change clothes, so don’t worry. But since the island is not developed, you can only find shade from the sunlight in your boats (or umbrellas). Bring a lot sunblock and don’t forget to bring googles in order to fully enjoy what Agutayan Island can offer.

Note: Be careful not to step on clams and disturb any of the marine life.


Source: Rm Sobebe


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