Alcatraz-Type of Prison in the Philippines

Alcatraz-Type of Prison in the Philippines

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An Alcatraz-type of prison is proposed to be built in one of the 1,028 islands of Palawan.

The suggestion came from Sen. Vicente Sotto III who recommended that this prison is designed for hardened criminals and high-level drug traffickers.

The idea of Sotto came up when the camp of President-to-be Rodrigo Duterte considered of building an Alcatraz-type of Prison in the Philippines to reduce the daring drug operations roaming in the country. Alcatraz is a famous top-security federal prison in the US.

Sotto said, “In fact, I already talked with Palawan Gov. Pepito Alvarez for the site. Palawan has 1,028 islands. He is giving me a list of possible rocky islands with no beaches and plenty of sharks.”

The planned Alcatraz-type of prison that is to be constructed in Palawan won’t affect the tourism in Palawan, for there are a lot of penal colonies that already existed in Palawan.

By creating this advanced prison system, this will prevent Duterte on his plan of re-establishing the death penalty in our Country.

Sotto attempts to strengthen ties between Duterte and the Senate. He is looking forward that his proposed bill 3226 to be included in the priority list in the upcoming 17th Congress.

Under Sotto’s Anti-Drug Penal Institution Act, he is eyeing to create an Anti-Drug Board group. He is also going to create a facility for the high-level drug offenders. The secretary of justice will be declared as chairman and the heads of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), social welfare and development, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Dangerous Drugs Board and Commission on Human Rights as members,” as mentioned in Yahoo News.

Sotto is worried about the high profile drug dealers inside the prison who are still continuing in their rampant selling of drugs, backed up by his fellow inmates.

“These incidents prove that convicted drug lords could continue their illegal drug business inside the premises of the national penitentiary, probably with the aid of regular inmates with whom they are co-mingled,” He Added.

Aside from Sotto’s plans showed above, the Alcatraz-type of prison is also intended to reduce the growing number of inmates in the prison colony from other penal institutions throughout the country.

The exposure of these high-profile drug lords will be reduced because of the prison’s planned isolated location.

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