Alexander Macario Being Promoted as General Despite the Al-Barka Clash

Alexander Macario Being Promoted as General Despite the Al-Barka Clash

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Last Monday, August 1, there were 7 newly promoted one-star Army generals, and one of them was Brigadier General Alexander Macario.

The bloodiest clashes between security troops and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) or known as the Al-Barka Clash that killed 19 soldiers in Basilan in the year 2011, was under the command of Macario. He was the commander of the Philippine Army elite unit that time.

Macario was discharged in November 2012 and regained his full-duty status. He was relieved over the clash and faced court martial over alleged violation of Articles of War.

He said the Al Barka clash would be a reason for him to end his military career, as he spoke during his speech at the Army headquarters last Monday.

“During his speech, he said he really thought he will not get a promotion anymore. But he did not let those thoughts stop him from doing a good job,” Army spokesman Benjamin Hao said.

President Rodrigo Duterte approved his promotion that was recommended by the Philippine Army and the Department of National Defense.

Spokesman Hao also added, “We all make mistakes but General Macario performed well. The unfortunate incident did not stop him from performing his duties. That’s why he was given the promotion.”

The elite Light Reaction Regiment (LRR) – a unit of the Special Command (SOCOM), trained for urban warfare such as the Zamboanga siege was appointed to Macario 3 months ago.

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