Balikbayan Box of Manny Pacquiao’s Brother Went Missing After Arriving at NAIA

Balikbayan Box of Manny Pacquiao’s Brother Went Missing After Arriving at NAIA

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Roel Pacquiao, boxing champ and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao’s brother, was part of the Pacquiao entourage that arrived past 5:00 AM at the NAIA airport last Thursday morning from Los Angeles, California when his balikbayan box went missing.

The said balikbayan box was reported missing from the conveyor which made him to immediately seek for help from the customs officials and aviation police. The box contained expensive items such as rubber shoes, watches, cameras, iPhones and other electronic gadgets.

Together with the police Aviation Security Group or Avsegroup’s Rico Alex, Roel Pacquiao reviewed the CCTV footage at the conveyor no.3 where the arrival baggage claim area is located in order to identify the suspect who picked up his balikbayan box. While viewing the said CCTV footage, Roel Pacquiao’s balikbayan box can be spotted at the carousel but due to the blurred reception of the CCTV camera, the person who took the box could not be identified.

An official from the airport said that the Manila International Airport Officials weren’t able to buy new CCTVs, but instead they bought body-scanning machines ammounting P140 million which has not been used yet. But the anonymous official requested that the CCTV cameras should be immediately upgraded.

Meanwhile, airport officials said that the balikbayan box of Manny Pacquiao’s brother could have been possibly picked up by mistake by another passenger for the reason that there are many boxes that look the same.

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