CDO Barangay Captain Sacked Due to Alleged Rape Case

CDO Barangay Captain Sacked Due to Alleged Rape Case

barangay captain accused of rape cdo

Image Source | Mindanao Gold Star Daily

In a report from Sun.Star, a decision from the Office of the Ombudsman, which was released last February 13, 2017, Monday, was announced to the media the following day regarding its ruling of removing a village chairman from service who was accused of raping a teenager that was killed inside a motel in Cagayan de Oro last year.

Identified as Pagatpat chairman Achilles Babaran, he was accused of raping Rex Loyola’s 15-year-old daughter which happened on 2 occasions sometime in 2015.

The Office of the Ombudsman ordered Babaran’s dismissal, as approved by Deputy Ombudsman Rodolfo Elman, after finding substantial evidence. It was contained in the teenager’s complaint that on June 19 of year 2015, she was raped by Babaran twice after inviting her to come with him following a youth meeting, and then on September 22 of the same year, she was raped again inside a motel room. She added that Babaran threatened her that if she tells her parents, her family will be ejected from their residence.

It was in February 7, 2017 when the last hearing was held, with the next hearing to happen February 22.

Currently, Babaran is detained at the city jail located in Lumbia village.

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