Barangay Officials Support Election Delay in Mindanao

Barangay Officials Support Election Delay in Mindanao

Photo: Philstar, Wikimedia

According to a report by Mindanao Economic Boom, most barangay officials have voted to delay Barangay Elections in Mindanao on May 14 in a public consultation held in Cagayan de Oro, yesterday, January 25.

MEB: Most barangay officials vote to delay Barangay Election in Mindanao this May 14.

Local government leaders in various areas of Mindanao expressed that they support the postponement of the elections because it could affect the implementation of government programs in their respective localities.

The Philippine News Agency also stated that “most of the barangay officials from Northern Mindanao and Caraga Regions were one in saying they favor a postponement of the local elections.”

To settle this matter, the election commission will hold another consultation in Cotabato this January 29.



Mindanao Economic Boom

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