LOOK: “Bayanihan Ambulance” Of Amazing Residents @ Davao City

LOOK: “Bayanihan Ambulance” Of Amazing Residents @ Davao City

Mga higala! Residents of Sitio Mahayahay, Brgy. Gumitan, Davao City were recently spotted transporting a female patient on foot, using a makeshift stretcher made from wood, cloth, and banana leaves, to the nearest hospital (around 36 kilometers away)!

According to Efren Mandi, this is what they usually do to transport those in need of immediate medical attention, due to the lack of an ambulance or any emergency response vehicle. This usually takes around 6 hours.

In a statement shared by Mandi to ABS-CBN News, he said that:

“Masaya kami na nakakatulong sa ibang tao kahit yung galing pa sa mas malalayong lugar. Tulong namin sa mga kababayan na walang iniisip na kapalit, basta’t mailigtas lamang ang buhay ng pasyente.”

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