Beauty and the Beast 2017 Film Review

Beauty and the Beast 2017 Film Review

The Beauty and the Beast movie was truly enchanting. I love that they retained the original soundtrack and the story of the animated version. I could not count how many times I have watched the animated version of Beauty and the Beast so I am certain that I already learned by heart most of the movie lines. When the movie started to play, it brought me back to the time where I first watched the animated movie.

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Let’s start off with Emma Watson as Belle – she portrayed the character of Belle amazingly well. I was expecting that she can pull it off but I was managing my expectations because of the comments that are circulating online that she was not fit for the role, they could have chosen another actress for that but I for me, Emma Watson was the best choice, she was the ideal Belle. Though there were parts where her acting was not that good but all in all she was amazing, she played her part really well. I did not expect that Emma Watson can sing well too!

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Kevin Kline as Belle’s father, Maurice is wittier than the animated one. Gaston was portrayed by Luke Evans, he is the perfect match for the role! He is treated as the most handsome man in town that is why he is so full of himself and cannot accept the fact that Belle does not want to be his wife.They just omitted the part where Gaston prepared for a wedding proposal for Belle, got dumped and then fell in the pig sty. I was kind of looking forward to that since it was quite funny. Evans did well in playing Gaston. He is what I imagined him to be, the man who destroys the true love of the love of his life. His sidekick LeFou that was played by Josh Gad seemed to be gay in the movie which was way different from the animated version. In the animated movie Gaston first appeared shooting a bird in the sky, while in the remake Gaston and LeFou was seen returning to the small village and were talking about the war they have been through.

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Dan Stevens represented the role of the Beast. He portrayed the character’s frustrations, resentment and sadness though with his voice and gestures you can feel that there is still love in his heart. The part where in Belle replaced his father as a prisoner in the dungeon was changed. It was supposed to be the Beast who will lead Belle to her room and not Lumiere and Cogsworth, but in the movie it was them who did it. And also it was not part of the animated movie that the cabinet was a singer in the ball.I find it a little boring when they added the part where in the Beast was singing, probably because I was not familiar with the song. And yeah, Stevens voice was okay.

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Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen played the part of the entertaining duo Lumiere and Cogsworth. Even though they are just supporting characters but for me, they played a big role in both the animated movie and the remake. They breathed life into the movie. The famous “Be our Guest” song was kind of slow in tune as I was expecting a really bubbly song just like the animated one. It was a bit too formal for me but the characters played it really well.

I just did not imagine that Cogsworth is that old just like in the movie. As always, Mrs. Potts with the famous “tale as old as time” song gave me goose bumps just like the animated movie. Emma Thompson was the perfect Mrs. Potts. And of course, who could forget Chip who was portrayed by Nathan Mack, lovable as always with the voice that sounds so innocent and cute.

The movie was great! There are just changes that I find irrelevant like the story of the of Belle’s mother. In the animated movie, we all know that there is only Maurice and Belle. Then the magical book that took Belle and the Beast to travel through time is where we found out that Belle’s mother died of Plaque and Maurice had to choose to leave her mother in order for him to save his daughter.

The director of this movie, Bill Condon’s really chose his cast well. Each one of them has put their best into this movie and I tell you, being in their shoes is hard because they are trying to bring to life a Disney movie that is well loved by everybody since I can’t remember. The movie was made to a version that is most likely similar to the old one but tweaked it a little bit to make it fancier and just a little bit different.

Although there are clips in the movie that was slightly changed, but all in all, it was good. It was nostalgic watching the movie since I was reminded of my younger years. Some may not like the movie because of the minor change but some likes it because it gives them the feeling of intrigue. As the saying goes “We can’t please everybody”, that’s quietly true because each one of us has different points of view but for me, it was a “tale as old as time”.

Watching this kind of movie is a feeling that you want to keep, the feeling of compassion, love and positivity. It is simply amazing seeing the people around you smiling after watching the movie. It made me excited to come home because I wanted to watch the animated version of the movie again and I did and it is playing now while I am writing this review. Be sure not to miss this on the cinemas because it is really worth every penny. If the cinemas were just like before that we can just repeat the movie over and over again with just one ticket I am sure I am still there until now.

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