The Baddest, Hottest and Best Buffalo Wings in Town Can be Found in These Awesome Food Places

The Baddest, Hottest and Best Buffalo Wings in Town Can be Found in These Awesome Food Places

To those who aren’t familiar with buffalo wings, they can be wings but they’re certainly not from buffalo meat. They’re made from chicken.


Up to the early 1960’s, people threw away chicken wings because they considered this part of the chicken only good to be fed for livestock. By pure accident, the famous Buffalo Chicken Wings was created. In 1964, in Buffalo, New York, The Anchor Bar, owned by Frank Bellissimo and his wife, Teresa – a family business since 1939 – received an order of chicken wings instead of necks by mistake. To avoid wasting the wings, Teresa decided to concoct a bar appetizer.


She cut and arranged each wing so they looked like flat drumsticks, deep fried them without breading, and then covered them in the bar’s famous celery and blue cheese hot sauce that they referred to as “Buffalo hot sauce.” Within weeks word spread around Buffalo about the delicious chicken wings and people began to try out what the bar now called “Buffalo Wild Wings.” When this trendy dish began spreading in popularity after more than a decade, some restaurants simply called it Buffalo Wings.

Today, Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York is still there and still serving Teresa’s old chicken wing recipe. Like other famous foreign dishes that often came in late to Cagayan de Oro, Buffalo Chicken Wings are just becoming popular as an appetizer or alcohol-paired dish in this city. If you want to catch the hottest and baddest (don’t worry, they come in mild, medium, and extreme spicy) buffalo wings in town, here they are.

Lefty’s Chick-N-Chops


Lefty’s is a comfortable, and cozy restaurant that serves one of the best Buffalo Chicken Wings in Cagayan de Oro, and the only way to prove that is by finding them at the Great Spot Arcade along J.R. Borja Extension Highway.

leftys buffalo wings

If this were Buffalo, New York, you could say this was your typical mom-and-pop restaurant that serves the best home cooked and original recipe buffalo chicken wings. Their buffalo chicken wings come in different flavors and can be served either mildly, medium, or extremely spicy.

Yellow Cab Pizza

yellow cab

And you thought this was only a pizza restaurant. They call their buffalo wings Hot Wings and they actually prove to be a nice accompaniment to their pizza.

yellow cab hot wings

Served in a cardboard box, the wings sport crispy, perfectly brown-colored skin and the chicken meat packs more spice than tang. This unassuming yet filling serving is less greasy and is served without any dipping sauce. There are Yellow Cab branches at the Ayala Centrio Mall, Limketkai Center Rosario Strip, and at SM City Mall.

Pizza Hut

pizza hut

You’re probably thinking now if all pizza places serve buffalo wings. Well, again, this one does. They call it Wing Street, and they can be served in traditional (like the original Anchor Bar cuts), Bone-Out (boneless), and Breaded Bone-in.


You also get to choose from 12 different sauces and cooking styles that can range from just mildly spicy to the “no pants required really spicy.” You can also pair the Wing Street with either French fries or waffle fries. Pizza Hut is at the SM City Mall.

Restaurant Damaso

restaurant damaso

This non-traditional restaurant whose owners also created Chino’s Deli also serves one of the best Cagayanon-created buffalo chicken wings that they call the Chicken Wings Sriracha.

Sriracha Chicken Wings damaso

It is an amalgamation of traditional buffalo wings and Vietnamese ingredients such as Sriracha. It is a must-taste dish that you need to savor. Damaso is located at the corner of Pabayo and T. Chavez Streets (at the former Mom’s Corner).

BonChon Chicken


This South Korean chicken restaurant will naturally serve a buffalo wing dish (we make a distinction by using “South” Korean instead of just saying ‘Korean’ since North Korea would rather plant bombs in the Philippines than franchise restaurants).

bonchon chicken

Their buffalo dish is called Soy Garlic Chicken Wings and is also called double-fried by South Koreans because they are first deep fried and on the second frying the soy-garlic-glaze marinade is added. It’s something different to try out on your bucket food list. You’ll find them at ground floor of the Ayala Centrio Mall.

678 Chicken

678 grand central

Another original South Korean chicken restaurant located at the Grand Central Arcade at the corner of Arch. Hayes and Pabayo Streets. Actually this restaurant serves spicy chicken in all parts as a rule, so you need to be careful in ordering and informing the staff if you choose non-spicy or only mild spicy.

678 chicken

Their Gochujang chicken wings is served in its sweet chili paste sauce (note: South Korean spicy can really be spicy). Another chicken wing dish is their bestseller Ganjang cooked and served in its special garlic, onion, and Korean soy sauce.

Bigby’s Café and Restaurant


One of Cagayan de Oro’s popular homegrown restaurants, they do serve a whopping Chili Flappers that is the equivalent of buffalo wings.

bigbys chilli flappers

If you only go to Bigby’s either at the SM City Mall or at the Ayala Centrio Mall for their baby back ribs, you need to order their Chili Flappers. It’s actually traditional buffalo chicken wings but cooked using Bigby’s own chili paste. Something to put again on your bucket food list.

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor

shakey's pizza

Shakey’s at the Limketkai Center Mall has always been the house of pizza since the 1970’s, but the next time you go there, you need to try out their Buffalo Wings.

shakey's buffalo wings

They’re a bit different but still worth savoring since they’re cooked in hot and spicy buffalo sauce. You can also order this Buffalo Wing dish served together with crispy Calamari and Belgian Fries.

Big Flat Bread (BFB)

big flat bread

Are you starting to notice that there seems to be a trend with pizza places and buffalo chicken wings? That’s because buffalo wings and pizza make a great pairing.

bfb buffalo chicken wings

BFB has its own version of Buffalo Wings that is cooked the traditional buffalo spicy way. BFB is located along Corrales Avenue right outside Watever KTV and Lokal Grill restaurant.



This a little bit pricey-but-really-worth-it restaurant at the ground floor of the Ayala Centrio Mall has its own version of American Buffalo Wings.

tgif buffalo wings

Its recipe and cooking is made from an original Super Bowl specialty dish that most Americans cook today when they watch the annual NFL Super Bowl on TV. It’s still the traditional unbreaded chicken wings cooked in its own spicy and tangy sauce but served with crispy celery sticks and blue cheese dressing. The Super Bowl is coming up in September so you might want to watch it with this dish.

Chez Marie Bar Café and Restaurant

chez marie

Located at the Grand Central Arcade along Arch. Hayes Street, this is probably the last restaurant you’ll think of with buffalo wings.

Image Source |

Image Source |

But they do serve their version of Buffalo Chicken Wings and it’s cooked in traditional buffalo chicken style. Knowing how delicious the food in this place is, their wings are certain to be tasteful as well.


There you have it, the most mouth-watering places where you can find Buffalo chicken wings in this awesome city. And as tradition has it, it’s a real great pair for beer or other alcoholic drink, so go for it.

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