Cookie-Lover: The Best Cookies To Try in Cagayan de Oro

Cookie-Lover: The Best Cookies To Try in Cagayan de Oro

cookies in cdo

Mga higala! It’s raining outside and you just can’t stop shivering from the cold. Your hands are looking for something warm that you grab your favorite cup to make coffee for yourself. But there’s lacking, a cookie or two.

Unlike the cookies we’ve known before, the city has its fair share of bakers who make innovative and unusual cookies. See our list below.

Sweets and Treats

cookies in cdo

Started in 2020, Sweet and Treats has been offering their best-selling choco chip cookies to Kagay-anons. According to them, it’s best to pair with their own home-made dip, peanut butter.


Cookies for all ages, that is Scookies‘ cookies!

Their affordable cookies will instantly capture your taste as they are home-made.

Double Dip

How about a customized pack of cookies? That’s possible with Double Dip!

cookies in cdo

While they have the popular chocolate chip cookies, they can also make your requests possible, especially for customers who enjoy flax seeds, raisins, and the likes.

Abi’s Pizookie

Ever heard of a tempting snack called “pizookie”? Sounds new, right?

cookies in cdo

Abi’s Pizookie is a local business here in Cagayan de Oro which offers its own take of baked cookies. The very first pizookie business in town!

Borkies Cookies

Do you like your cookies soft and chewy? Try Borkies Cookies!

cookies in cdo

They have a good range of cookie flavors starting from Nutella-filled cookies, classic chocolate chunks cookies, chocolate walnut cookies, chocolate s’mores cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and double chocolate walnut cookies.

We know we missed to include your fave cookie shop, just let us know in the comments below!

Don’t have a website but want to be seen online? Get listed in our Cagayan de Oro directory! Check this link to see other local businesses.

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