Feature Article: Biker’s Grill – “Mixing Business with Pleasure” and The Perfect Hang-out for CDO Bikers and Anyone Else Who Enjoys Good Food

Feature Article: Biker’s Grill – “Mixing Business with Pleasure” and The Perfect Hang-out for CDO Bikers and Anyone Else Who Enjoys Good Food


How it All Started


Like any successful business, it all started with an idea.


A Kagay-anon and local big motorcycle enthusiast noticed that whenever local motorcycle groups in the city got together, they didn’t have a really permanent place for meetings, eating-out, or generally to hang-out.


Also, when motorcycle groups from other cities or provinces would visit Cagayan de Oro, they had no permanent place to hang out either. This is where Biker’s Grill comes in.

Why it Was Formed


Thus, was born the concept for Biker’s Grill which opened only last June 6, 2015. They are located on the ground floor of the new Consortium Building on Corrales Extension, just after Gaisano Mall and before reaching Capitol University.


Though Biker’s Grill is owned by a corporation called the Highway Rider’s Company Ltd., and using the trade name of Biker’s Grill, the front runners in the formation of the business have always been Mr. James “Jaime” Dango and Ms. Celeste Orquillas. Today, Biker’s Grill serves as the hangout, eating, and meeting place for big bike groups like BRO, or Butuan Riders Organization, and other motorcycle biking organizations here in Cagayan de Oro and neighboring areas.

The Big Biker’s Group


Mr. James Dango brought his passion for big motorcycles to a reality when he joined the Butuan Riders Organization (BRO), from which he conceptualized the consortium for the Highway Rider’s Company Ltd. BRO is a motorcycle club in Butuan City that specializes in what is referred to as big or heavy bikes.


The club was organized around 2004 and was inducted into the Federation of Motorcycle Clubs Inc. of the Philippines in 2005 during its 11th National Convention held in General Santos City at that time.


Though stationed in Butuan, many motorcycle sports and hobbyists from Cagayan de Oro have now joined up with BRO.


The club has been known for its brotherhood among responsible and respected people in local communities and society in general, enjoying the freedom of riding and touring as far as Northern Luzon, parts of the Visayas, and almost the whole of Mindanao.

Meet the Owners


Upper from Left to Right: Eugene, KC, Ms. Michelle Tan Lower from Left to Right: Ms. Celeste Orquillas and Mr. James Dango

Mr. James Dango and Ms. Celeste Orquillas are the business partners from the corporation of Highway Riders Company who virtually run Biker’s Grill. The place is also managed by the ably capable Ms. Michelle Tan, whom you often see during most of the day.



When you first meet Sir James, you’ll never know he’s a big bike enthusiast who loves the thrill of going at a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour; he’s the very epitome of being quiet but affable, surprisingly he loves to talk and discuss, especially if it’s about business and motorbikes.


As a businessman who experienced working in the United Kingdom, Sir James used to own a medium sized eatery called Food Trip located at the same spot as Biker’s Grill. The eatery used to be a favorite eating hangout for students from Capitol University.



Ma’am Celeste is the more business mannered but is also very friendly and talkative.


She used to do accounting and auditing for several top firms and large companies based in Manila and Luzon for almost 10 years before deciding to venture into a business partnership with Highway Riders.


Though she’s not a biking enthusiast, she has a keen business enthusiasm and a keen eye for details and loves to talk about any intellectual topic.

11709917_10204497549574006_1434549136218982961_o (1)

Sir James and Ma’am Celeste were so kind to be there in person for the interview and they were very accommodating.

They showed the people from aboutcagayandeoro.com around the business and building premises to show their upcoming new business ventures under the umbrella of Highway Riders Company Ltd.

The Food


No new restaurant review is complete without talking about the food. Biker’s Grill serves up deliciously cooked varieties of beef, pork, chicken, and seafoods in what they call their variety budget meals.

biker’s grill cdo

These affordable budget meals come in three categories: The Biker’s Meal (sometimes called student meals) cost Php69.00; the medium budget meals are called Best Sellers and cost between Php85.00 to Php150.00; and their high end budget meals are their Unli Rice Specials that cost between Php99.00 to Php185.00. All budget meals are inclusive of iced tea.


In their Best Sellers, they also serve Bulalo at Php350.00 and is good for up to 5 persons.

biker’s grill cdo

Native Chicken Soup

Sour Cream French Fries

Sour Cream French Fries

KC loved their delicious and juicy Tuna Belly!

KC loved their delicious and juicy Tuna Belly!

The Biker’s meals are a hit with students while the Best Sellers and Unli Rice Specials are a regular hit with many professionals.

Their mango shake and corn berry shake are a fast moving hit with the younger customers. They also serve beer and other alcoholic drinks throughout the day, but really gets going at night.

biker’s grill cdo

They promote the “beer below zero” wherein the freezer temperature is set at -2 degrees so when the beer is taken out and the bottle is “pinged” with a metallic object, the bottle freezes up even more so the beer inside becomes really ice-cold.


At present they have a 2-month ongoing promo of 2 buckets of San Miguel Light with sisig pulutan included at only Php475.00. If you prefer only one bucket of beer, it is priced at Php250.00 with free peanuts. Compared to other bars and pubs in the city, Biker’s Grill has lower priced food and drinks.

Other Services and Establishments


Biker’s Grill also offers catering services but on a limited basis only. They also have a function room on the third floor of the Consortium Building that is good for 10 to 20 persons.

This is where the biker groups have their regular meetings and other social gatherings. Also operating on the third floor for bikers and other customers is their massage rooms. They also have a dormitory on the second floor in full operation.

Soon to open under the Highway Riders Company and located on the third floor will be their:

  • The first Chiropractic Clinic in Cagayan de Oro with fully trained and licensed chiropractors.
  • Family KTV Rooms.
  • The Voice Republic KTV Bar.


The Chiropractic Clinic, Family KTV, and KTV bar are targeted to open September or October of this year while the hotel may still take some time since it only started construction.


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