Black Propaganda vs Duterte, Don’t Be Fooled!

Black Propaganda vs Duterte, Don’t Be Fooled!

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Our beloved President Duterte performed excellently in his new job as the President of the Philippines. But despite the success he made in the first two weeks of his service, haters got to hate him as more and more black propagandas have been circulated in the Social Media world to derail his rising popularity and impressive work for the community.

Simultaneous with Leila de Lima and Frank Drilon’s call for a Senate investigation into the death of various persons connected to the illegal drug trade, fake images about “Duterte Death Squad” have been circulated in the social media to stain the President’s image.

An image from a screen capture of an ABS-CBN news showing dead persons inside a blood-filled car with a caption “DUTERTE DEATH SQUAD NAKAPATAY NG INOSENTING PAMILYA SA PASAY CITY, TATLO PATAY AT ISA KIRITIKAL.” However, this image wasn’t real.

Some may be fooled by it, but our keen netizens have gathered evidence to prove that the image was indeed fake.

Here are their findings:
– Wrong Font Style
– Mismatched ABS-CBN Logo
– Mismatched TV Patrol Logo
– Photoshop “Zoom Tool” and Photoshop’s default gray background

We should spread this information for the welfare of our country. We are there to support Duterte in his campaign. We must also be there when he needs our support to counter the haters and black propaganda spreaders.

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