Gift-Wrapped Package Caused Bomb Scare in Gusa, CDO

Gift-Wrapped Package Caused Bomb Scare in Gusa, CDO

bomb scare gusa cdo

Image Source | Cris Angelo Andrade

Last September 3, 2016, residents of Barangay Gusa in Cagayan de Oro wrongly identified a gift-wrapped package left near San Isidro Labrador Church as a bomb which caused a scare in the area.

It was when the parish priest of the church reported to the authorities after finding a mysterious package settled somewhere between spaces of the displayed pots at the said church. Fears elevated after a bomb-sniffing dog sat beside the package thrice which indicated that it might have contained explosives.

Only to find out that the package contained drinking glasses after the police blew it up with a water bomb. It was believed that the package was left by a guest who attended a church wedding that was held earlier that day.

Even though it was just a bomb hoax, Kagay-anons should still be careful after the bomb explosion happened in Davao City which left 14 people killed and 67 injured.

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