Brillantes on Electoral Sabotage: ‘Ang dami namang bobo rito sa Pilipinas.’

Brillantes on Electoral Sabotage: ‘Ang dami namang bobo rito sa Pilipinas.’

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On Wednesday, May 18, Sixto Brillantes Jr, the former chairman of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) rebuked the case on electoral sabotage on the May 9 elections.

Days ago, it has been known that concerned citizens filed an electoral sabotage case against the Comelec, Smartmatic, and the election watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting to the Ombudsman.

Based on the Republic Act 9369, electoral sabotage is when the tampering of votes happened and a substantial amount of votes were affected.

“Ano ba naman. Ang dami namang bobo rito sa Pilipinas,” Brillantes said.

Brillantes explained that the filed case is not necessary, for no one would sabotage an unofficial result. Sabotage only happens to the official result but not on an unofficial.

Life imprisonment is the verdict for those who are guilty of electoral sabotage, for it is considered as a special election offense. One of the well-known examples of this kind of offense is the one that is filed against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo back in 2011.

The recent complaint on electoral sabotage this year is about the ñ issue where the hash code has been changed. Many believed it altered the votes of the candidates. The most controversial among any other race of positions is the vice-presidential race between Bong Bong Marcos and Liberal Party (LP) representative Leni Robredo.

Mata sa Balota Movement said, “This case presents a classic example where the respondents, in conspiracy with each other, exercised their duty in bad faith, maliciously, arbitrarily and capriciously.”

The Comelec sitting as the National Board of Canvassers will present the official tally and is set to proclaim the winning senators and party-list groups today, May 19, at 3pm in the afternoon.

For the President and Vice-President, The canvassing will only be presented by the Congress. The scheduled canvassing will start on May 25.

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