Top 5 Budget Burgers in Cagayan de Oro City

Top 5 Budget Burgers in Cagayan de Oro City

Undeniably, Kagay-anons sure are food enthusiasts and do have a good taste when it comes to food. How can we say this? Well, the rising number of restaurants and food stalls are enough to prove this. Such food places offer different cuisines for people  to choose from. Meaning, whatever food you are craving at this very moment, pizza, burger, fries, teas, roasted chicken, and the likes, there will always be a place to satisfy you.

Speaking of burgers, Cagayan de Oro houses quite a great number of burger joints. Each burger joints has its best sellers. The burgers may be named as silly as they can be, or plainly, consisting a single, double or 5 layers of patties in a pair of buns. But not all of them are budget-friendly.

Know that there are burger places which offers affordable yet satisfying burgers. And we- About Cagayan de Oro- just recently searched for some of budget burgers in the city. Curious enough? Great! Here are our top 5 picks!

  1. Chino’s Deli

budget burgers in cdo

Image Source | Facebook: Chino’s Deli page

Founded in 1990, Chino’s Deli is a known meat processing company here in Cagayan de Oro, specializing in homemade Meat Deli products guaranteed clean and quality meat with no coloring, no extenders and no artificial flavorings.

Topping our list of top 5 budget burgers in the city is their Chori Burger which captured our hearts as we savor every bit of it. From the slightly oven toasted pair of buns, juicy and flavorful patty, crispy sweet potato chips, runny sunny-side up and the seasonings and sauce compliment each other making the whole burger one of a kind. You can have this tempting burger at P130 only.

Chino’s Deli is located at the 3rd Floor of Ayala Centrio Mall near the cinemas.

  1. The Old Blue Burgers

budget burgers in cdo

Image Source | Facebook: The Old Blue Burgers page

Located at Don A. Velez Corner J. Gaerlan Streets, where Bowties and Butter is situated, is The Old Blue Burgers.

A favorite hangout place among Kagay-anons, every so often, couples and students-alike , despite having a small area. What’s great with the place is that you can have either The Old Blue Burgers’ delicious burgers or the  sweet treats and drinks from Bowties and Butter, or have both!

Landed on the 2nd spot is their Classic Burger which can only cost you P110. It is consisted of a quarter pound patty which is perfectly seasoned layered with fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes, then finished with their signature cream cheese and smoked barbecue sauces. And on the side, special hand cut fries breaded and fried to a crisp. What we liked about this burger is its overall taste, and them not using the usual slice of cheese but cream cheese was interesting . The sauces filled with much flavor complement with the delish and juicy patty.

They are open from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Monday until Thursday, then 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Friday until Sunday.

Their products are also available and being served at the main branch of Chingkeetea located at Pimentel Building, Hayes corner pabayo Streets still here in the city.

  1. 99Ranch Buffet + Pub

Image Source | Facebook: 99 Ranch CDO

Image Source | Facebook: 99 Ranch CDO

Ranked 3rd on our list of budget burgers is 99Ranch Buffet + Pub’s Grinabe Burger which is already inclusive of fries and a bottled drink for only P99.

Their Grinabe Burger is consisted of slightly grilled pair of buns, layered with their special patty sandwiched with cheese, lettuce and slices of tomatoes and onions. Then drizzled with special sauce and placed on the side hand cut potato fries.

We must give compliments to the patty of this such burger for it was perfectly cooked which brought out the best of its taste, and just a question, why do fries are great buddies for burgers?

99Ranch which started in June 18, 2015 is a buffet restaurant that can cater 1 to 200 persons. You can get there via riding a motorela from any point in Divisoria. You just have to ask the driver to bring you to 99Ranch, or say Tomas Saco 8th Street Nazareth.

  1. Chub’s Diner

budget burgers in cdo

Image Source | Facebook: Chub’s Diner page

Can be located along Corrales Avenue fronting the Xavier University gym is Chub’s Diner which started in October 5, 2011. And in our list, their Chub’s Burger made it to the 4th spot.

They say that they have the best burgers in the city which are grilled to perfection and are made of 100% pure and fresh premium beef, well, we couldn’t agree more! They may don’t have fries to accompany their burger, but it already can satisfy a craving alone.

For only P99, you can have a taste of the said burger.

  1. Angel’s Hamburger

budget burgers in cdo

Not a homegrown burger store, however, Kagay-anons liked the affordability of Angel’s Hamburger. For only P37, you can already have 2 Cheeseburgers. How’d you like that?

Definitely the most affordable and budget friendly among the 5, but when compared with the taste, though it didn’t disappoint, it can only ranked last. Nevertheless, we still consider it as one of the top budget burgers in the city.

They have an outlet along Corrales Avenue near Dolores Street.

Do you agree with our list? If yes, tell us which burger joint you are a frequent customer of. If not, suggest to us your favorite burger stores.

And just to let you know, we’ve created a video which presents our adventure towards seeking for these top 5 budget burgers in the city. Witness what made us think to have the mentioned burger joints above as our top picks.

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