LIVE MORE: Prevent Heart Problems & Other Diseases With The BUEN PROVECHO CAFE- “Complete Health Improvement Program”

LIVE MORE: Prevent Heart Problems & Other Diseases With The BUEN PROVECHO CAFE- “Complete Health Improvement Program”

Mga higala! Are you conscious about your weight? Do you easily get sick? Are you worried about your health? Do you want to have a healthier lifestyle?

If the answer is YES to even one of these questions, then maybe its time to change some things in your everyday life and take better care of your body! It’s time to take an advantage and try the products and services offered by one of the best vegetarian establishments in Cagayan de Oro City, the BUEN PROVECHO CAFE!

Buen Provecho Cafe

This vegetarian cafe is located at Lane 101 in Uptown CDO.

Aside from their healthy dishes that we featured in the past, Buen Provecho Cafe is now offering a health plan that will greatly help interested Kagay-anons, the Complete Health Improvement Program or CHIP.

CHIP is a scientifically proven health program that can help prevent and even reverse common risk factors brought on by unhealthy lifestyle choices such as obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. It also provides information, motivation, and group support over a three-month period to help determined participants make beneficial lifestyle choices and empower them to play a key roll in their own health and wellbeing.

CHIP is set to start this upcoming month of October 2018 with the following features and benefits:

Licensed and certified facilitators-

Mae Joy O. Tabingo, RN
Certified CHIP Facilitator
Clinical Research Associate
VegeCapable Trained
Rod L. Tabingo, MD
Certified CHIP Facilitator
Clinical Research Associate
Reynald M. Dela Cruz, PhD
Master in Public Health
Doctor of Philosophy
Certified CHIP Facilitator
Before and after clinical evaluations/tests:
-Total Cholesterol
-LDL (Low-density lipoprotein)
-HDL (High-density lipoprotein)
-glucose level
-blood pressure
-BMI (Body Mass Index)
NEW dynamic health & lifestyle program content:
-18 video sessions covering all the optimal lifestyle topics.
Healthy recipes and food samples.
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Buen Provecho Cafe
Dynamic group discussions.
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Learn how to select wholesome foods in your local grocery store.
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• Easy-to-follow basic fitness instruction.
• A CHIP toolkit containing a workbook, reference text, cookbook, water bottle, and a pedometer.

CHIP Toolkit

Content list

Cooking book, workbook, and guide.

Water bottle


• On-going support meetings to maintain your new lifestyle changes.
All these and more for the following affordable packages:
  • P18,000 – CHIP Kit, program, lab reports, food samples every session.
  • P15,000 – CHIP Kit, program, food samples every session.
Note: Buen Provecho Cafe is now offering a 20% discount for Seniors.
And, here is the CHIP 3-Month Schedule:
FOR MORE DETAILS, kindly visit or contact CHIP CDO contact Dr. Rod Tabingo







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