Cagayan de Oro River Taxi Back in Operation!

Cagayan de Oro River Taxi Back in Operation!

Original Image Source: Safer River, Life Saver Foundation Inc.

Original Image Source: Safer River, Life Saver Foundation Inc.

The Cagayan de Oro river taxi managed by the Safer River, Life Saver Foundation Inc. (SRLSFI) has resumed its full operations after years of being utilized for river monitoring.

According to a report from CDODev, the river boats will serve as an alternative means of transportation as it was open to the public on November 14, 2016.

With this taxis, commuters will no longer suffer from almost an hour of traffic especially during peak hours.

Following the Sendong calamity, the operation of these river taxis was momentarily halted as it was used exclusively for environmental monitoring. However, SRLSFI has resumed its operations not only to ease the traffic problem in the city but also to promote river protection and eco-tourism.

There are two river boats that are currently operating, the M/B Golden Girl and M/B River Muse. M/B Golden Girl can accommodate 33 people while M/B River Muse can accommodate 18 people.  

Safety measures will be implemented upon riding the river taxis as mandated by regulating agencies. All passengers will be oriented with safety and emergency procedures and will be wearing life jackets.

Main ports are stationed along the river, at the  Liceo Port, Macabalan at the back of Brgy. Hall, Puntod near San Roque Chapel, Consolacion near Marcos Bridge, and at the dike in Macanhan.

There are also pick-up points in Golden Heritage, Carmen-Petron, Duaw Park and Paseo del Rio. Passengers can access these ports as there are stairs along the river dike but shallow areas near the river prevent the boats from going close to the river bank. Development of access facilities is still being proposed.

The schedule of the trips according to the availability of the ports mentioned are being finalized.

Boat fare from Macabalan or Puntod to Liceo will be P12 while short distances such as Consolacion to Liceo will be P6.

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