Camp Alagar Weight Loss Program Implemented!

Camp Alagar Weight Loss Program Implemented!

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A new challenge for the policemen in Camp Alagar to keep fit and become health conscious has just been implemented! The weight loss program that will involve all policemen in the camp will be executed sooner than later.

As part of the National Police’s Health Awareness Campaign and Pulis Pangkalusugan Program of the PNP Health Service, the program has been wrought to promote physical fitness and for them to effectively fight crimes, especially under the administration of Duterte.

It also includes weekly health education lectures about weight, calories, exercises, hydration, meals, metabolism and stress.

It will start in Camp Alagar for now. Later, it will be implemented into the town, city and provincial police offices.

Supt. Surki Sereñas, Camp Alagar spokesman, said, “Today’s lifestyle and environmental conditions have made millions of us deficient in various nutrients needed for best health resulting in risk factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.”

He added, “Naa sab ta’y standard nga ginasunod kung sa imong gitas-on duna kay appropriate weight. Kinahanglan proportion.” Sereñas referred to the body mass index (BMI) as the basis of the evaluation. This is to be determined by the police’s medical division that would conduct body assessment, and those found to be obese would be asked to take the challenge.

“The PNP, being one of the community-based agencies, must be transformed physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually since they have the most involvement in the community,” encouraged them to see the program as an holistic approach in their health.

To give the policemen more motivation, Sereñas said, “The target is that they will lose one kilo per month. Naa ni siya’y monetary reward adtong mo-succeed.”

Despite the incentives to have the policemen encouraged, Sereñas also warned them that there are monetary penalty also for those who will fail, “This would become a regular program. Kadtong dili mag-lose weight duna’y monetary penalty. Bayad ang pulis nga dili mo-reduce. This is a local initiative, and it would become a regular program.”

Police regional director Chief Supt. Lyndel Desquitado has already approved the advocacy to promote a healthier lifestyle among the officers.

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