Canino Leads 18th Asean Age Group Chess Championship

Canino Leads 18th Asean Age Group Chess Championship

Ruelle “Tawing” Canino remains at the top after suffering a defeat in the current 18th Asean Chess Championship 10-under girls category held in Malaysia.

In an article by, the 9-year-old chess wizard started the first 4 amazing rounds with a whole point advantage. While her teammate, Antonella Berthe Racasa, unfortunately, lost during the fifth round.

Racasa is also currently the National Age Group Chess Champion in the 10-Under Girls Category after recently winning against Canino. Luckily, Racasa is still holding a leading spot due to a half point lead and 5 points in the 6 rounds while defeating Muthusamy Mishalini with a home court advantage.

Canino’s is currently heading with a tight lead against her teammates Racasa and Daren dela Cruz. Both of whom were beaten by Canino in the first round, with 4.5 points each.

Let us support our young athletes as they are now currently competing until December 4, 2017, for our country’s glory.

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