CdeO Council criticizes DPWH for unfinished projects

CdeO Council criticizes DPWH for unfinished projects

CdeO council criticizes DPWH for unfinished projects

Source: DPWH Twitter

The Cagayan de Oro Council recently criticized the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)-Northern Mindanao for its unfinished projects that are posing concerns along highways and roads.

In an article from, City Councilor Teodulfo Lao Jr. said that the DPWH should put visible warning signs properly at their unfinished construction projects that are also visible at night.

Lao also said that rainwater can fill up holes left uncovered at construction sites. There is a possibility that motorists and passersby will fail to see these holes because of the rainwater covering them which might lead to unfortunate accidents. To prevent this from happening, Lao suggested that DPWH should make it a goal that there are visible signages put up around their ongoing projects.

CdeO City Councilor Leon Gan noted that the department can take over a year to continue working on some of their projects making it inconvenient for the public and motorists.

He also said that a completed drainage project at Brgy. Consolacion is not working good and is frequently clogging.

To date, the matter has already been brought up to the committee of infrastructure and is waiting for the response of DPWH.

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