CdeO Police Tightens Security for Simbang Gabi

CdeO Police Tightens Security for Simbang Gabi


A large number of people attending Simbang Gabi this Christmas made the city’s police force implement tighter security measures.

This much population of devotees doesn’t only portray the Catholic’s Christmas spirit, it presents additional dangers as well.

Police Chief Inspector Mardy Hortillosa stated that they expect the number of church-goers to double as Christmas Eve approaches in various churches in the city.

Based on the past years, this will be an opportunity for terrorists, thieves, and bad elements to commit crimes.

Hortillosa said that the police are now focusing their force on places like the St. Augustine Cathedral and the Nazareno Church.

Hortillosa also wants to encourage Kagay-anons to cooperate in security measures like bag checkings because ultimately this will be for their safety.


Source: Sunstar CDO

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