CdeO tourism council initiates #BusinenessAsUsualCagayandeOro

CdeO tourism council initiates #BusinenessAsUsualCagayandeOro

CTC initiates #BusinessAsUsualCagayandeOro


The City Tourism Council (CTC) of Cagayan de Oro is organizing a group that will launch the #BusinessAsUsualCagayandeOro public relations initiative to boost the city’s economic standing amidst security concerns and safety which resulted in the ongoing crisis in the nearby city of Marawi.

In an article from, during a meeting organized by CTC at the Hugo Sky Lounge, delegates discussed the negative effects brought about by the war and the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao. This was followed by organizing a task force from different sectors of the community to run #BusinessAsUsualCagayandeOro initiative.

With that, CTC is looking at using the celebration of the 3rd HIMUGSO Festival to tap stakeholders in CdeO to carry the tagline in all their advertisements and promotional runs.

CTC Chair, Dorothy Jean B. Pabayo, said that visitors from all walks of life have nothing to fear for their safety because the city has had its main facilities secured tightly and citizens to be extra vigilant.

HIMUGSO Festival is the annual joint celebration of the Philippine Independence on June 12 and Cagayan de Oro City’s Charter day on June 15.

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